Marin maps growth in paid search clicks from mobile devices

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marin software logo.pngThe digital advertising firm’s latest figures reveal that 18% of paid search clicks in Q2 2012 came from mobile devices.

Gagan Kanwar, director of partnerships and research at Marin Software, says this is an “incredible” increase from the 5% of paid search clicks reported in January, 2011.

In Q1 2012, paid search clicks from mobile devices stood at 14%.

Smartphones accounted for slightly more paid search clicks than tablets. Of the 18% of all paid search clicks from mobile devices, 10% came from smartphones and the remaining 8% from tablets.

Kanwar believes that, by the end of 2012, mobile devices will account for 25% of all paid search clicks, with tablets taking the lead from smartphones.

“I think mobile search will continue to grow,” Kanwar says, speculating that mobile devices will represent 25% of all paid search clicks by the end of the year, with tablets eventually taking the lead over smartphones.



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