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BizReport : Blogs & Content archives : March 05, 2012

Top 3 tips for content sponsorship

E-readers aren't technically new devices - they've been available for a few years now - but with wireless connections, tablets with reading apps and more convenient buying and downloading access they've been given new life. And that new life as many brands wondering where they fit in the e-reading atmosphere. Here are a few tips.

by Kristina Knight

martinimedia.jpg"The real opportunity is advertising in magazines and newspapers," said Michael Goldberg, Director of Marketing Communications, Martini Media. "Consumers are already comfortable with ads in these publications, so it is nothing new on the e-reader, but the opportunity to make advertising more engaging and interactive is more prevalent in these devices. Say a cruise ship is advertising in a magazine. The printed ad can only do so much. Through the e-reader, you are able to bring that same ad to life with links to explore the ship and the destinations, and zoom into the imagery. It is much more stimulating."

Print advertisers, advises Goldberg, should look at these new 'print' ad opportunities as interactive display ads. His top three tips for e-reader advertising include:

First, combine the 'feel' of print with the interactivity of digital. "An ad in the digital version of People can still be grand and eye-popping, but go beyond the static nature of that ad and let users jump off the page and dive into your message," advises Goldberg.

Second, think local. With consumers taking e-readers to work, on vacation or even popping into a magazine while waiting at the doctor's office, local marketers can get into the action of advertising in national publications by tailoring the targeting for geography and demographic information.

Finally, don't look inside a book for a sponsorship opportunity. Stick with magazines and newspapers - where consumers are used to finding ads. "After someone pays $15 to download a book, they should not have to be subjected to advertising," said Goldberg. "On the other hand, if advertisers can begin working out sponsorship deals with publishers in turn for readers to download free books, I think people would be much more open to ads."

You can read part one of our chat with Martini Media and Michael Goldberg, about the explosion of e-readers to the marketplace, here.

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