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BizReport : March 15, 2012 Archive

March 15, 2012 Archive

Mobile Marketing | March 15, 2012

Expert: What rapid mobile expansion means for brands

Mobile is by no means new to the consumer base, but the things we can now do with mobile - surf the web, buy products, engage with social networks - helped push a huge amount of new devices into consumers' hands over the last year. From handset upgrades to tablets and ereaders, most people now have new ways to engage with content, entertainment and brands. What does that mean for the advertiser? >>

Mobile Marketing | March 15, 2012

IDC: Apple has three years left as tablet market leader

New IDC forecasts reveal that Apple will continue to dominate the tablet market for another three years before Android takes over. >>

Internet | March 15, 2012

Study reveals less deception in LinkedIn resumes

Businesses looking to recruit new staff can have more faith in the legitimacy of resumes presented on LinkedIn accounts than traditional offline or private formats, according to a new study from Cornell University. >>

Internet | March 15, 2012

Study: 31% of your website traffic is non-human, potentially malicious

Masses of information passes through the Internet every second of every day but, according to a new study from cloud-based security firm Incapsula, over half of that traffic is not generated by humans. >>

Mobile Marketing | March 15, 2012

How mobile is pushing digital growth

The tech marketing - specifically the mobile device market - is exploding around the globe. Here in the US, the growth has been staggering over the past year, in all corners of the country. Where are tech products getting the most consumer interest, new data from MaxPoint Interactive finds both the east and west coasts - San Francisco, Miami, New York and West Palm Beach - are among the top ten 'most interested' cities for technology products. >>

Advertising archives | March 15, 2012

How to get more from RTB

Proponents of Real Time Bidding (RTB) say it puts the right before the right consumer are the right time. Opponents say doesn't work properly. The key, of course, is somewhere in the middle and that 'you need more that a good ad' factor has left some brands wondering if RTB is worth it. Here's one expert opinion: >>