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BizReport : March 7, 2012 Archive

March 7, 2012 Archive

Ecommerce archives | March 07, 2012

Social media icons on shopping sites influence purchase decisions

Have you even hung around the pharmacy waiting for the checkout area to clear of people before buying that, errrr, special cream? If so you'll have a good understanding of why social media icons could have an effect on a shopper's decision to make an online purchase. >>

Advertising archives | March 07, 2012

Entire UK town in QR code, NFC advertising trial

QR code and near-field communication technology is being put to the test in the UK's first large-scale out-of-home advertising trial involving 13 top brands and an entire city. >>

Social Marketing | March 07, 2012

Two releases make it simpler for consumers to shop, share online

As shopping goes social brands are jumping into the social space at a rapid speed. Two new releases may help brands engage consumers at a deeper level - and at the same time make it simpler for product deals and launches to go viral. >>

Ecommerce archives | March 07, 2012

How NuSkin translated content to appeal to shoppers around the globe

Whether from mobiles or PC shoppers from around the globe are looking for product deals and services. That is leading many merchants to push their online stores into international territory. But, says one expert, launching a store is the easy part - making that store accessible and easy to navigate for an international consumer is quite different. >>

Mobile Marketing | March 07, 2012

Reports: More consumers will 'buy mobile' through 2016

As people become more comfortable with smartphones they will experiment more with those devices. It's simple logic. They have the phone, why not experiment with mobile payments in addition to mobile social networking? Well, many are and a new report forecasts the mobile payment category will skyrocket over the next four years. >>

Mobile Marketing | March 07, 2012

Flurry: Over half of app sessions spent with games

When Flurry analyzed more than 64 billion mobile app sessions on both iOS and Android devices they discovered that games, particularly those from independent studios, were dominating the space. >>

Ecommerce archives | March 07, 2012

Groupon customers may be loyal after all

A new survey by Foresee Results puts daily deals websites in a better light than previous reports. It reveals that the likes of Groupon and LivingSocial can create loyal customers and repeat business. >>