UK: Women happy to share brand info on socnets, not personal info

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usamp logo.gifMen are more likely to share information on social networks, such as their name and phone number, than women, found the market research company’s study.

While 88% of men would be willing to disclose their name just 83% of women would do so. Similarly, men are three times more likely to share their personal telephone number (12% vs. 4%) and more willing to disclose their email address (47% vs. 35%).

In fact, the only details women are happier to share than men are those concerning shopping. Seventy-eight percent of women were happy to share information on the brands they ‘Liked’ compared to 74% of men.

“It’s interesting that women, who are usually thought of as communicators, are more reserved on social media than men. However, it seems the stereotype of women loving to shop has some basis in fact: this was the one area in our research where women were more open than men,” said Gaelle Normand, MD of uSamp in Europe.

The study involved 600 U.K. social media users.



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