eMarketer predicts 3 ad formats will dominate 2012

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Video, banner and search advertising will account for upwards of 80% of all spending through 2016, predicts eMarketer.

Video will be the fastest-growing of all formats growing 54.7% over 2010 to account for 7.9% of all online ad buying this year. eMarketer predicts video’s share to rise to 15% by 2014.

However, video remains in third place to search and banner advertising. Search is forecast to maintain its lead, comprising 49.4% of total online spending this year, but its share of overall online advertising budgets will slowly decrease from 2012 to 2016.

“The continued dominance of search as the leading digital advertising format comes as little surprise, with its near-universal adoption rates among consumers and popularity on both the desktop and mobile web,” says eMarketer.

Banners will comprise 23.4% of the total online ad spend this year falling to 20.5% by 2016.

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