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BizReport : February 8, 2012 Archive

February 8, 2012 Archive

Mobile Marketing | February 08, 2012

Study reveals content mobiles really look for

Data has shown for several months now that tablet and smartphone consumers are engaging with content - news, entertainment, games - but a new report from Greystripe shows which specific types of content are getting the most play. And, perhaps a surprise, entertainment content is a winner. >>

Advertising archives | February 08, 2012

Pontiflex release allows Spanish speakers to use native language on forms

A new release from Pontiflex should make it simpler for brands to reach the ever-increasing Hispanic population in the US by allowing for Spanish-language sign-ups via mobile device. Pontiflex's platform allows consumers to opt-in to advertising without clicking away from apps to browser windows; advertisers with the programs pay only for actual sign-ups, not for clicks or wasted impressions. >>

Search Marketing | February 08, 2012

eMarketer predicts 3 ad formats will dominate 2012

The majority of U.S. online ad spending will go on three formats over the next few years, according to a new forecast from eMarketer. >>

Mobile Marketing | February 08, 2012

"Only" 8.5% of world's Internet usage via mobile

StatCounter has recently released data showing just how much of the world's Internet usage comes from a mobile device and, compared to previous years, the figures are impressive. >>

Viral Marketing | February 08, 2012

Trends for video in 2012

Whether home-grown clips on YouTube or professionally produced Hollywood shows, video is growing in strength each month. Billions of video clips are served and along with those clips are millions of advertisements. How to stand out from the crowd in the video space? >>

Social Marketing | February 08, 2012

Unruly: Brand recall boosted by recommended brand-led video

Brand-led online video that has been recommended, rather than found while browsing, is likely to have a far greater impact on the viewer, according to new research from social video platform Unruly Media. >>