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BizReport : January 20, 2012 Archive

January 20, 2012 Archive

Advertising archives | January 20, 2012

Tool to create more personalized experience online

Real time data. Personalization. Hyper targeting. Starting about six months ago these buzzwords began getting a lot of play from early adopters in online marketing. A personalized experience, goes the rationale, offers consumers more of what they want right now rather than what they searched for a few months ago. A new suite of tools from Monetate trades on the personalization factor. >>

Social Marketing | January 20, 2012

75% of marketers to up social media spend in 2012

When social marketing company Wildfire Interactive surveyed 700 marketers across the globe 97% said that social media was of benefit to their business and many intend to increase spending on the channel over the coming year. >>

Advertising archives | January 20, 2012

Google takes aim at sites that are 'top heavy' with ads

If your webpages contain too much advertising above the fold then Google will now start to penalize you in search results. >>

Internet | January 20, 2012

Etailers: Why you need to think about multi-transactions

With all the talk recently about The Cloud and how businesses are using cloud tactics to help remote salespeople or to conduct webinars or to house online presentations some smaller businesses, specifically merchants, may be wondering how the cloud can help them. I recently talked with the COO of Transverse about what the cloud can offer SMBs. >>

Ecommerce archives | January 20, 2012

Platform to help US brands reach European consumers

With all the talk of m:commerce and social commerce the buzz with international expansion has died off a bit. But the release of one new platform may have more etailers looking harder at online storefronts that can serve an international audience. >>