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BizReport : Trends & Ideas archives : October 07, 2011

15% of Americans own e-reader, 15% more want one

E-readers are becoming increasingly popular with current data putting ownership at 15% of Americans, according to a recent poll by Harris Interactive.

by Helen Leggatt

More Americans now own an e-reader - 15% compared to just 8% a year ago. Of those that don't already own one 15% intend to get one within the next six months. That news is very different from that which Harris Interactive reported a year ago.

One finding does, however, remain the same. Users of e-readers read and buy more books than non e-reader owners.

"Overall, two in five Americans (40%) read 11 or more books a year with one in five reading 21 or more books in a year (19%)," said Regina A Corso, director of the Harris Poll, in a statement. "But among those who have an e-reader, over one-third read 11-20 books a year (36%) and over one-quarter read 21 or more books in an average year (26%)."

E-readers are definitely here to stay and this means the publishing world needs to learn to change with the times, concludes the research.

"There will always be a place for books in hard cover or paperback. But, there must also be a place for reading devices as well. Readers are quickly catching on to this wave as have the booksellers. This is a huge transition time for publishing companies and how they adapt will determine who is still standing ten years from now."

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