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BizReport : October 12, 2011 Archive

October 12, 2011 Archive

Social Marketing | October 12, 2011

IBM: Marketers suffering data overload

Today's marketers have more consumer data at their disposal than they can cope with, according to a new study by IBM, yet the vast majority of it goes unanalyzed and unused. >>

Ecommerce archives | October 12, 2011

CPG brands find online ads pushing in-store purchases

New data finds Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) advertisers may have more reason to advertise online: an increase in in-store purchasing. The report, from dunnhumbyUSA and comScore finds online display ads pushing an increase in in-store purchases by 21%. >>

Mobile Marketing | October 12, 2011

TravelClick: Hotels to invest more in mobile, social marketing

As increasing numbers of consumers pack the power of a smartphone in their pocket the travel industry has taken notice. Hotels, in particular, are investing more in mobile website and social media initiatives. >>

Ecommerce archives | October 12, 2011

Domino's Pizza UK: $1.5 million in online orders in one day

Just over a decade ago Domino's Pizza in the UK took $1.5 million a year in sales via online channels. Today that figure has skyrocketed with mobile accounting for a healthy slice. >>

Research archives | October 12, 2011

Millennials looking for new ways to engage with employers

August job numbers are in and low, September numbers are expected to be more of the same, which is leading many job seekers to look outside the box in their hunt for work. Outside the box, for some, means starting a business; for others it means finding a new way to engage with potential employers. >>

Social Marketing | October 12, 2011

Study: Social Television on the up

Traditional television viewing may be decreasing thanks to the streaming of shows online as well as an increase in DVRs, but technology is making it easier for people to shift their viewing habits. One interesting finding from NM Incite and Nielsen is that as viewers shift how they watch, they are shifting how they talk about favorite shows. Many are turning to social media to share spoilers, talk favorite characters/storylines and otherwise engage with their favorite shows. >>