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BizReport : October 4, 2011 Archive

October 4, 2011 Archive

Mobile Marketing | October 04, 2011

Is there a hold-up in mobile purchasing?

As brands move online many are wondering why there hasn't been a spike in revenue thanks to the traffic mobile sites are getting. Although consumers are visiting mobile sites, browsing for information and some are making purchases the bulk of consumers haven't yet made the jump from mobile browsing to mobile purchasing. >>

Internet | October 04, 2011

Study reveals differences between online lives of Chinese and US teens

A new study by Stanford University delves into differences between the digital lives of high-schoolers from America and China and suggests the emergence among teen netizens of a new "digital tribe". >>

Ecommerce archives | October 04, 2011

vSites release simplifies web management

Businesses are you ready to take your website to the next level? No, not just a makeover with better colors or a simplified layout. For websites to make an impact on consumers, they need to offer something - content. A new release from vFlyer may help with your content makeover. >>

Ecommerce archives | October 04, 2011

10% e-commerce traffic from mobile devices

Need more proof that smartphones and tablets are fast becoming the devices consumers turn on to make online purchases? Here's some new analysis from e-commerce agency Screen Pages. >>

Mobile Marketing | October 04, 2011

DMA: Mobile leads growth in digital DM spending

The DMA's "Power of Direct Marketing Report" was released this week and it shows mobile leading the digital pack when it comes to growth in direct marketing spending. >>

Advertising archives | October 04, 2011

Nielsen: Many ads delivered outside advertiser targets

New data out from Nielsen may have some advertisers questioning their advertising strategy. The report finds that many times ad campaigns are delivered outside the target audience. >>