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Data from Greystripe finds tablets are becoming synonymous with travel. According to the study 67% of iPad users travel frequently and most are using their devices for all sorts of travel related activities – booking flights/hotel rooms, researching destinations, etc. iPad users are also likely to take their tablet along on a trip so they can stay connected.

Perhaps more interesting, though, is how these consumers are engaging – and it isn’t through apps. Most, likely because of the connectability of smart-devices, are looking for travel information via mobile browsers rather than apps.

“The power and portability of iPads, iPhones and Androids make them the ultimate devices for any jetsetter,” said Dane Holewinski, director of marketing for Greystripe. “Because so many travelers are looking to their mobile devices for travel information and booking, mobile is an excellent channel for advertisers to reach travelers.”

Back to the Mojiva study, with about half of mobile consumers expected to use these devices to purchase gifts, added to the high percentage of consumers using smart-devices for travel, this holiday season could be a big mobile season.

“What makes the mobile user an even more attractive audience during the holidays is the engagement they exhibit on their devices,” said Tony Nethercutt, general manager of Mojiva. “Our data shows that consumers are accessing a variety of information on mobile devices specifically for holiday shopping. This is a valuable channel for advertisers to fill specific needs of their customers.”

Although some consumers will begin shopping in October (33%), most (54%) will shop in November and December this year. Those using mobile devices are likely to spend a bit more; 70% report they’ll spend $20 or more on electronics items while 40% say their mobile price-point may be as high as $50 per gift.



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