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BizReport : Blogs & Content archives : September 15, 2011

SAY Media: Harder to find voters in fragmented online space

Elections are coming up quickly in the US, and that has politicians looking for new ways to connect with voters. That connection is going to be harder than ever finds research from SAY Media, which indicates that fractured media is making it more difficult to connect with people even though there are more connection options than ever.

by Kristina Knight

"It's really important to get political advertising right. When you're not watching TV it's less likely that you will be influenced by the message of the day which is key for political media specialists. To succeed in the next election cycle and maximize reach among the dwindling supply of swayable voters who will decide outcomes, political campaigns must leave as few voters out of their planning as possible by taking advantage of other media channels as a way to reach voters," said Matt Rosenberg, vice president, solutions, SAY Media.

For example, study researchers found that in Ohio, a traditional battleground state, that about 40% of voters haven't watched live television within the past week. Meanwhile younger voters, no matter what state, are also watching less live television. Researchers found that 36% of young voters are less likely to watch live TV now than last year; instead many watch time-shifted, mobile or online video offerings. Not watching live television makes it harder to reach voters especially in an election cycle.

"The reality that we may not be able to reach 1 out of every 3 likely voters in the 2012 election is a big wakeup call and shows the challenge that both parties have in getting their message out," said Michael Beach, founder and partner, Targeted Victory

"You simply cannot assume in the last two weeks of a campaign that you will be able to respond to an attack or drive a message when the data shows up nearly 2 out of 5 voters will never be exposed to your message because they have not watched live television in the past week," said Thomas Eldon, president, SEA Polling.

Other interesting findings include:

  • About 40% of voters have DVRs
  • 90% skip commercials when watching time-shifted programming
  • 43% say their primary video content does not come from television

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