Survey: How people really want to use smartphones

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So, is click to call a bad idea for advertisers? As with most advertising options, it depends on the relevant and engagement level of the consumer.

The CloudTalk survey found:

  • 70% of American consumers text/message
  • 60% email
  • 50% access social networks
  • 43% talk via smartphone
  • 40% surf the mobile web
  • “The results clearly indicate smart phones are primarily used as a communication device, but what’s really interesting is that it appears the intrusiveness of phone calls has forced talking to take a back seat to more convenient modes of communication, such as text messaging,” said David Hayden, chairman and CEO of CloudTalk. “What we’re seeing at CloudTalk is that people love to talk, as long as, (like text messaging), it doesn’t require our immediate attention, we can respond on our own time and see the entire conversation thread at a glance – it’s just more convenient.”

    The study further found that consumers are interested in communications type apps – they want more texting abilities, but also content sharing (70% interest), mapping options (70% interest), VoIP (50%) and private/group chat (50%).

    CloudTalk’s platform integrates asynchronous voice, text, photo and video sharing through a social paltform.



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