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BizReport : Social Marketing : July 12, 2011

Plimus: KIS the payment process, please

In the grand scheme of social marketing, Facebook's 'Likes' are gaining more weight, at least with consumers, than tweets. With consumers visiting social networks like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn each day it makes sense for brands to be there, too, but new data from Plimus and Forrester Research finds that information from social networks - Likes, Tweets, etc. - hold more sway with consumers than other forms of word-of-mouth marketing. But, more than that, shoppers want buying to be simpler.

by Kristina Knight

Remember the KIS principle? Keep It Simple. That is the reaction of online shoppers when they get to the payment portion of their online day. While they're happy to spend more time online, they are particular about how that time is spent - and filling out long sales or checkout forms is not on the list.

plimus.pngPlimus researchers have found:

  • 85% of consumers visit socnets daily
  • 33% of consumers want more social options from their favorite brands
  • Over half say they are influenced by peer recommendations
  • But while peer recommendations, 'Likes', and the like are influencers, the key to actual conversions is to make the purchasing process as fluid as possible.

    "In today's digital economy, vendors must enable a fluid transaction process in order to ensure positive feedback on social media channels and build customer loyalty," said Charlie Born, vice president of marketing at Plimus. "That's why the Plimus focus has been on simplifying the shopping experience and streamlining the payment process, so that vendors not only will drive new visitors to their sites, but they will keep visitors coming back time and time again."

    That means limiting the amount of information needed to create a buying profile within a website is crucial. Most survey respondents said that if brands limited the amount of information they collected, their shopping experience would be bettered. Those shoppers also said that 'intuitive' order pages made for a better shopping experience.

    So, while it might be tempting to ask shoppers for every piece of information, down to their grandmother's maiden name, simpler is better. Asking for a name, email address, shipping address and payment method may be as far as brands want to go in the payment process.

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