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BizReport : July 28, 2011 Archive

July 28, 2011 Archive

Social Marketing | July 28, 2011

Shoutlet launches updated analytics, reporting tools

With the ad budgets within social marketing set to increase about 10% this year, marketers are looking for a bigger bang for each dollar spent. Rather than seeing traffic increases or profile 'likes' or 'shares', brands want to know if those ad impressions are leading to sales, building loyalty or drawing in new customers. An update to Shoutlet's analytics platform may help fill in some of that information. >>

Social Marketing | July 28, 2011

Facebook launches how-to Page for small businesses

Just as Google+'s business offerings hit the headlines Facebook launches a new site to help small businesses get the best from its social space. >>

Search Marketing | July 28, 2011

SEOmoz updates simplify link finding

The content within your website will engage consumers, but the links leading to your website content are key to getting those consumers onto the site in the first place. It's one of the first rules of search engine optimization - quality links lead to higher organic search results which leads consumers into your place of online business. Updates from SEOmoz may help brands find those quality links more quickly. >>

Ecommerce archives | July 28, 2011

Groupon users 'stingy' say participating merchants

Despite nearly two-thirds of merchants making a profit from their Groupon deals campaign, half (49%) won't bother with the channel again, according to a survey by UK-based copywriting boutique Cooper Murphy. >>

Research archives | July 28, 2011

Media execs say they aren't taking full advantage of data

Buzz in the land of online marketing may be about personalized advertising and content, but the majority of media and entertainment top execs say they aren't taking full advantage of these data opportunities. Customer data that can provide personalized online experiences has been shown to deepen engagement within websites, lead customer back to websites more often and in some cases increase their spending within a brand's site. >>

Advertising archives | July 28, 2011

DataXu uses DSP to enhance consumer response

Demand-Side Platforms (DSP) aren't just for advertising placements any longer. New information from DataXu shows how some brands are using DSPs not just to enhance advertising impressions but to learn how to engage consumers who may be more valuable to the brand. >>

Mobile Marketing | July 28, 2011

Online retailers face new challenge - the tablet

So you've set up your e-commerce website and you've optimized it for m-commerce; you've even sorted a Facebook transactional Page to get aboard the f-commerce train. Think you're done? Think again. Enter t-commerce. >>