Report: Why passion is important for brands

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First, the demographic: Passionate Voices’ followers were found to be between the ages of 35 and 41, earn $62,000 per year (average) and are ‘highly’ connected to friends, co-workers, family, etc. Moreover, these passionate followers were found to be early adopters and to ‘actively seek out’ opportunities to tell other people about their favored brands, products or services.

Researchers found:

  • Consumers who identify themselves as ‘very interested’ in a category follow at least 10 ‘voices’ in that category
  • 83% of these followers tell friends or family about products/brands they like
  • These consumers use more social tools – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, blogs – to stay up to date with their chosen category
  • These consumers follow cross-category – they will engage on a website/blog, through mobile pages, apps, email, newsletters and social networks

    “New technologies have enabled passionate people to create and distribute content around their key areas of interest and expertise,” said Matt Rosenberg, vice president, solutions. “As these people collectively reach more of the online audience, consumers’ expectations of media are changing. This is an affluent, connected, influential group, and they are putting more faith in these Passionate Voices as opposed to traditional media outlets. Marketers need to take notice and explore opportunities to work with these independent creators.”

    These passionate voices, many of whom have their own blogging or recommendation platforms, say they are more likely to engage with ads on these types of sites than on more traditional media sites because, in their own words, “We’ll never run a product or do a feature on anything we wouldn’t live with in our own home. For us, it’s very personal. If we think somebody has a great product, we’ll work with them to find a solution that appeals to our readers and inspires someone to click through,” said Julie Carlson, founder and editor of Remodelista.



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