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BizReport : June 2, 2011 Archive

June 2, 2011 Archive

Internet | June 02, 2011

Pew reveals rise in number of phone calls made online

A few years ago just a few American Internet users were making phone calls online. According to the Pew Research Center's Internet & American Life Project the number of people taking advantage of online phone calling has risen significantly. >>

Social Marketing | June 02, 2011

4 Questions with Janrain's CEO

A new solution in the social space could help brands get a better handle on social media campaigns. From Janrain, the SaaS consulting solution leverages heavy-hitters in the social space link Facebook and Twitter, allowing brands to use their social profiles to optimize digital strategies. >>

Advertising archives | June 02, 2011

DoubleVerify release allows brands to block some pages

Knowing when and where your ad will appear on the Internet can be a stresser for online brands, but a new release from DoubleVerify offers not only the ability to determine when and where but the ability to block ads from appearing within certain websites or pages. Called BrandShield, the platform allows brands to block ads from appearing at page- or geographic levels. >>

Ecommerce archives | June 02, 2011

Rise in number of UK retailers refunding original delivery fee for returns

The number of retailers in the UK that refund the full amount of the original delivery fee when a customer returns an unwanted item purchased online has risen significantly over the past year, according to Snow Valley. Meanwhile, the number that cover the cost of returning an unwanted item has dropped. >>

Mobile Marketing | June 02, 2011

M-commerce expectations not being met in UK

New figures released by eDigitalResearch show that while use of m-commerce in the UK is increasing, consumer satisfaction with retailers' mobile sites is falling. >>

Ecommerce archives | June 02, 2011

Latin Americans hitting coupon/deal sites hard

In the countries of Brazil, Argentina and Chile simple coupon websites are lagging behind the glitzy, headline making group couponing sites like Groupon. In fact, according to comScore, Groupon is now the leading online coupon website. The site has more penetration into Latin American countries and is getting more online traffic that more traditional couponing sites. >>