New index reveals a brand’s Social Standing

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paidcontent_logo.jpgPaidContent’s new index, called “Social Standing” will give marketers further insight into whether sentiment towards their brand is good or bad.

Using data gleaned by social media measurement firm Trendrr from mining blog posts and Tweets that mention top media and entertainment companies and brands, sentiment is gauged and assigned a real-time score.

Those scores reveal whether sentiment is positive or negative towards a brand with a zero score meaning that all the comments were negative and a score of 100 meaning all were positive. Daily, weekly, or even monthly indexes can be viewed.

Furthermore, by clicking on the brands and companies listed in the index, interested parties can learn what people are saying about those entities.

As an example, Cablevision currently sits atop of the monthly index, its sentiment score having risen from 42 to 67 in the last week. By clicking through to a summary page for Cablevision information such as the source of data and a breakdown of sentiment (positive/negative/neutral) can be viewed.

In addition, a list of Twitter mentions is provided as well as a selection of blogs in which the brand is mentioned.

As PCWorld’s Robert Strohmeyer so rightly points out, “Knowing what customers and non-customers think of your company and your products (and what they say about you online) is likely to be at least as valuable to your marketing effort as spewing an endless stream of slogans and broadcasting your latest deals.”



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