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BizReport : Blogs & Content archives : April 20, 2011

How game developer used QR Codes to drive engagement

Think QR codes are only for ecommerce brands and websites? Think again. Although QR codes are the most likely candidates for driving traffic and interest in ecommerce, there are other ways to utilize them. THQ's Homefront incorporated QR codes to drive engagement and push customer experience to a higher level. The result? Read on for more details.

by Kristina Knight

How many games are using QR codes? QR codes haven't gone mainstream at this point, but some of the largest brands are beginning to push the codes in their games. Nintendo's Wii is one of the biggest examples; they use QR codes to export Mii's, but games such as Borderlands have also used the codes. For THQ's Homefront, ten QR codes were hidden throughout the game; the codes have an Easter egg hunt theme. Those codes lead to 'extras' - exclusive video content, wallpapers and other things. The result?

More than 30,000 QR code scans within the first two days of launch, with no advertising about the codes. To date, more than 50,000 codes have been scanned, more than 30,000 downloaded wallpapers and more than 18,000 video views.

"The impressive engagement of consumers with the QR codes on Homefront demonstrated how a rabid fanbase--especially one as tech savvy as the gaming community--will readily engage with brands who can offer a unique, satisfactory content experience," said Taylor Burton, Director of Sales at Augme Technologies. Augme developed the game's codes. "It also shows that QR codes can be successfully implemented on a TV or other video screen, making the possibilities for marketers endless."

In "Homefront" gamers join the American Resistance in 2027 after an EMP strike results in the Greater Korean Republic occupying the United States. The game instructions noted the first QR code, but left the remaining codes as mysteries that the gamer had to figure out; codes could be scanned into mobile devices to unlock the content.

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