Gaming challenge sees sharp increase in time-on-site

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oldnavy.bmpRadiumOne Social officially re-branded from gWallet in February.

The challenge was for game developers to create a branded game, centered on the Old Navy brand, during a ten day period. The winning game, titled BreakoutBand, asked users to create their own Old Navy song. More than 200 songs were created. According to the company users, on average, remained on-site for 80 minutes during the song creation process. That is a huge engagement factor.

“The opportunities for advertisers to access their target markets within social gaming are limitless, but often advertisers are unsure who to partner with and how,” said Rebecca Weeks Watson, Vice President of Business Development at RadiumOne Social. “The ‘Old Navy Developers Challenge’ brought out the best of the best in development studios, and we were amazed at how seamlessly the Old Navy brand and its new music campaign were promoted throughout these games and virtual worlds.”

Old Navy is currently running an Old Navy Records ad campaign, which fed the game nicely.

BreakoutBand took home a $15,000 grand price for their integration of the Old Navy brand in their online community. Judges chose the game, among other reasons, because of the depth of audience engagement and the use of viral channels. In addition to the cash prize, the developers receive financial resources from Old Navy for the virtual currency and price offers in their games.



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