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BizReport : Research archives : February 15, 2011

Burst survey: What makes moms click?

When it comes to Mom Marketing, the Internet is the place to be. That is the takeaway from a new Burst Media survey, in which nearly half of the moms surveyed reported the Internet is crucial to their daily routines (64%). For moms, it seems, the Internet isn't just a place to find news headlines, but also their go-to for information and connections of all types.

by Kristina Knight

burstmedia.jpgThe survey found:

• 23% of moms go online for 'personal' use at least four hours daily
• 49% of moms are online between one and three hours daily
• 33% turn to social networks for news and information (ages 18-34)
• 28% turn to niche websites for information (ages 35-54)
• Moms over age 55 prefer social media sites to other website options

"The web provides brands a rich pallet to reach moms and break from traditional creative bounds to deliver an immersive experience," said Kathryn Kallet, Product Manager for Burst Moms. "Unlike other types of media, the Internet can truly build a brand community by facilitating a conversation between an advertiser and consumer. When done with compelling, useful content and engaging creative, this brand/consumer relationship is one in which both parties benefit."

So, what makes moms click?

In terms of purchasing, moms are open to advertising on the web, but they do have preferences. First and foremost, moms want 'relevant' ads (37%), with ads geared toward home or family or ads offering deals being most appreciates. In fact half of the mom-respondents say they've clicked on ads offers coupons, promotion codes or other incentives. Moms are also more likely to buy a brand they 'know' even if a generic or unknown brand is priced less.

**A note: Burst Media has updated their survey; they have updated the Moms aged 35-54 category to reveal that 28% prefer niche websites, not 30% as originally reported. The change has been updated on BizReport.

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