1 Facebook ‘Share’ = 7 Twitter ‘Follows’

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chompon4.pngUsing data from websites for which it powers daily deals, ChompOn was able to ascertain a value (in terms of gross revenue per action) for each social action. To do this they analyzed the conversion rate and action for deals broadcast on Twitter and Facebook.

Their conclusion is that the value of a Facebook ‘Share’ ($14) is worth the most. It is almost twice that of a Facebook ‘Like’ ($8), almost three times more than a Tweet ($5), and seven times that of a Twitter ‘Follow’ ($2).

It should be noted that these figures represent short-term value.

“Admittedly, we believe the true value for ‘Likes’ and ‘Follows’ to be much higher due to creation of long-term loyalty,” notes ChompOn in its report (.pdf).

“Additionally, it is not possible to directly attribute traffic from these actions so it was necessary to estimate.”

Research from event ticketing start-up Eventbrite, conducted in October last year, also found Facebook ‘Shares’ to be the most valuable. Analysis of the sales that each ‘Share’ button on their site generated (for Facebook, Email, Twitter, LinkedIn) found that:

– Facebook generated an average of $2.52 from 11 referrals.

– Sharing via email came in second at $2.34.

– LinkedIn shares were worth $0.90.

– Tweets were worth just $0.43.



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