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BizReport : Blogs & Content archives : January 26, 2011

What guys want - from content

There is still a little time to get those Super Bowl ads tweaked and ready - especially for online video options - but are you headed in the right direction? A new report from Unicast sheds light on what is working from the male-consumer perspective. The answers may surprise you.

by Kristina Knight

unicast.jpgIn a little over two weeks sports fans, primarily men, across the US will be planted in front of television sets, in sports bars and at Cowboys Stadium to watch football's Green Bay Packers taken on the Pittsburgh Steelers. But the real focus? The commercials between plays.

According to Nielsen 58 million men watched the Super Bowl last year, but they weren't just watching. They were texting, surfing the web or checking in via mobile devices. This begs the question: what are men looking for from content? Unicast's new report sheds light on what men really want from video and content.

In 2011 about 94% of men will be watching the game and surfing for information on their teams and players. In fact, 36% report they will 'virtually follow' their favorite teams. Who are the men most likely to be found online? Men 35-44 years old are the largest demographic, with 46% being online; 40% of men 25-34 will be online.

First, the general web. What engages male consumers?

• 67% are interested in news headlines
• 65% are interested in family/friend connections
• 55% shop for sales/compare product prices
• 51% play games

What do men look for online?

• 44% are engaged by ads for sales and discount codes
• 29% are engaged by ads asking them to create or submit an entry for a prize
• 24% are looking for localized ads

"It is interesting to see that men, much like the women we surveyed in last year's What Women Want from the Web report, are motivated to engage by discounts and special deals, even when their online activities are not largely focused on shopping," said Gianluca Milano, vice president of product for Unicast. "Across the board, customers are asking advertisers to provide tangible rewards in return for their attention."

Entertainment, Technology and Food/Beverage ad categories are most likely to engage male consumers.

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