Nielsen: Who’s consuming media and how

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Television is still the most-used news viewing device with a minimum of 2 sets in each home, going up to 4 or more in nearly one-third (31%) of US homes. A recent University of Missouri Reynolds Journalism Institute study found that television is still the way the largest number of American obtain news content, but growing quickly in mobile.

Mobile is an increasingly used format for obtaining news and content according to the Nielsen report. Two-hundred-twenty-eight million US consumers (age 13 and up) having a mobile device and of those more than 83 million browse the mobile web. Although just over 69% of American consumers still operate feature phones, the smartphone market is expected to skyrocket from it’s 30% share of the market. Of those already having smartphones, 28% operate Apple’s iPhone, 26% use the BlackBerry operating system and 25% utilize Android units.

According to the latest comScore data most smartphone users are texting (68%) or using browser windows (36%). Downloading apps and social networking are also favorite activities. Many of these consumers, through apps or web browsing, are viewing media content. From newspaper apps to television news clips or even user-generated clips, more and more users are watching and reading content through mobile devices.

For advertisers this is an indicator that more online news/content advertising could be a benefit. As more consumers turn to online outlets, either in addition to or instead of traditional outlets, they will likely engage with brands who follow them to the space.



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