European business execs supplementing traditional news channels with digital

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ipsos reid logo.jpgIn its survey of nearly half a million business executives across 17 European countries, Ipsos MediaCT found that nearly three quarters (72%) get news via online content each month, reports Marketing Week.

Google News was the most popular news portal, preferred by 30% of the business executives. The BBC’s website was second (22.7%) followed by those of The Financial Times (15.4%), CNN (9.6%) and Sky News (9.4%).

The Wall Street Journal Europe, despite being the most popular newspaper with 34% readership among business executives, only attracted 3.8% of them to its website.

However, nearly all respondents (95%) read print publications and 85% watch television daily to get their news fix, demonstrating how digital media is not adversely affecting traditional media consumption.

“Instead of replacing other media, digital supplements their use of print and television. Europe’s business leaders require as much information from as many different sources as possible,” said James Torr, director at Ipsos MediaCT.



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