Ad agency abandons website for Twitter presence

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kamchatka logo.jpgAs impossible as it seems, Argentinean agency Kamchatka has moved all its website content and staff on to the microblogging platform. On arrival at their website holding page, visitors are linked through to the new Twitter layout.

Each section of their Twitter “website” has a separate Twitter account such as @kchtk_Clients and @kchtk_Contact. The Tweets, from all accounts, make up the content and provide points of contact.

While U.S. ad agency‘s move to host their website on YouTube was both informative and engaging, and Grey Stockholm’s website move to Facebook makes great use of a social media space where 100’s of millions congregate, Kamchatka’s Twitter website feels disjointed and confusing.

Another downside is the requirement to Follow multiple accounts for one agency, guaranteed to put off many Twitter users.

Kamchatka appears to be relying on their potential customers being active Twitter users. This move, while creative and innovative, will seriously limit their potential audience compared with the awareness a multi-channel approach would achieve. At the time of writing the @kchtk_Tweets account has the most Followers at 154.



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