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BizReport : October 26, 2010 Archive

October 26, 2010 Archive

Social Marketing | October 26, 2010

Ad agency abandons website for Twitter presence

A few weeks ago, a Swedish ad agency moved its website to Facebook and, before that, another agency based their web presence entirely on Youtube. Now, another agency has decided to ditch its website and establish its online presence elsewhere - this time on Twitter. >>

Trends & Ideas archives | October 26, 2010

Times paywall: Readership plummets, engagement rises

Has the introduction of a paywall at one of Britain's leading newspapers caused it to disappear into a "vault of darkness", as predicted by editor of The Guardian, Alan Rusbridger? No, but it has lost a huge chunk of traffic, according to new data from Nielsen. >>

Ecommerce archives | October 26, 2010

How to capitalize on big-ticket ecommerce items

When most retailers think of ecommerce, they think small items: clothing, jewelry, maybe a few books. But there is a trend among consumers to comparison shop for everything online and that includes bigger ticket items such as television sets, furniture or appliances. The problem? Shipping. Most purchasers don't expect a washing machine to be shipped for free and so, even if Brand A has the best price online, they may buy at a higher price from a local store because they fear shipping prices. How can etailers compete with this fear? >>

Research archives | October 26, 2010

Reports: Click fraud, malware increasing

After a period when click fraud seemed to be slowing, new data from Click Forensics indicates another surge from fraudsters. According to the latest data, click fraud increased to 22.3% for Q3 2010. That is a near 4 point increase over Q2 numbers and an increase of more than 8% year over year. >>

Advertising archives | October 26, 2010

BlueKai, Efficient Frontier partner for intent-based ads

Segmented consumer bases are one way advertisers are lessening the fragmentation of the Internet to engage consumers and increase sales. A new partnership between data auctioning marketplace BlueKai and performance marketers Efficient Frontier will take segmentation a step farther by focusing on the intent segment. >>