Are Facebook Pages killing websites?

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When you consider the size of some brands’ Facebook audiences it’s easy to see why some are questioning the need for a website and all the work and expense involved in maintaining one.

Even Wired magazine recently touted the idea that “The Web is Dead” thanks to the likes of Facebook and the increasing use of apps.

According to AdAge, several big brands’ Facebook Pages are seeing more activity than their websites. For example, Kraft Foods’ Oreo is the number 3 brand page on Facebook, with a fan base of over 10.1 million growing at a rate of 71,000 new fans each a day. Meanwhile, their branded website,, has seen U.S. traffic drop in the last year from 1.2 million in July, 2009, to just 321,000 in July this year.

Recently, more ammunition has been added to the argument that websites are becoming a thing of the past. New research by digital consultancy Beyond, found that almost a quarter (23%) of consumers would prefer to receive information from brands via Facebook, rather than a brand’s website (21%) or company blog (3%).

“So is it time to turn off the web site?” asks Beyond’s MD EMEA Nick Rappolt. “I would say that for low involvement brands the answer is much more likely to be yes. However, for high involvement brands the answer is an unequivocal no. For everyone else, it’s probably more about creating a single digital experience where each platform has its own very specific role.”



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