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BizReport : September 22, 2010 Archive

September 22, 2010 Archive

Advertising archives | September 22, 2010

What ads do moms want to see on mommy blogs?

When mothers read mommy blogs they are focused on many things, but not themselves. A new survey from rich media solutions provider Unicast sheds light on which ads they like, and those ads they expect to see, while browsing mommy blogs. >>

Mobile Marketing | September 22, 2010

Consumers want to respond to your ads... by mobile phone

If you want to maximize response from ads in any media then you must include a mobile response channel. Such are the findings of a study in Europe by Lightspeed Research for the Mobile Marketing Association. >>

Social Marketing | September 22, 2010

Facebook marketing: What to post, and when

Research has discovered the best days to send coupons and the best time to send emails but, until now, none has delved into what day and time is best to publish on Facebook and which formats work best. >>

Research archives | September 22, 2010

Report: At-work consumers likely to fall victim to malware

When it comes to surfing at work, consumers aren't paying much attention. Whether they believe their IT department will fix any malware downloads or simply aren't up-to-date on the issues surrounding SPAM, viruses and malware, new data from MessageLabs indicates that consumers are lax when it comes to at-work computer protection. >>

Advertising archives | September 22, 2010

TagMan: Tagging issues costing traffic, sales

Using a single advertising pixel to tag and track online advertising campaigns seems like a simple solution to a time-consuming problem. But a new report from TagMan indicates that most brands are having issues with ad pixels and tags that are costing not only web traffic but also sales. >>

Social Marketing | September 22, 2010

comScore launches social monitoring tool

It seems every marketer is getting involved in social media. The truth is, though, that although most brands and marketers are interested in social, many are standing back because of the measurement tools. Specifically the lack of measurement available in the social sphere. Enter a new toolset from comScore which helps brands to monitor the social space. >>