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BizReport : September 21, 2010 Archive

September 21, 2010 Archive

Advertising archives | September 21, 2010

Criteo CPC platform includes display ad inventory

A new release from PPC retargeting firm Criteo may help brands better control their display ad spending. Called the Criteo Performance Optimization Platform, the new release allows marketers to use CPC bidding in the display ad space; brands can bid to the category level, giving them control over exactly where ads will be placed. >>

Ecommerce archives | September 21, 2010

Sales of digitally downloaded games outpace packaged titles

Sales of digitally downloaded PC games have overtaken physical game packages for the first time, according to new data released by NPD Group. >>

Trends & Ideas archives | September 21, 2010

Neuromarketing and the Mommy Brain

The significant changes in a woman's brain that take place during pregnancy should be better understood by marketers, says a neuromarketing expert. Small changes in marketing elements on packaging and in commercial messages can win over this segment of society that wields immense purchasing power. >>

Blogs & Content archives | September 21, 2010

Burst taps The Media Trust for malware detection

With online ad spending set to reach record levels over the next few years, marketers are seeing green. They should be seeing yellow, however, as in caution. In addition to more brands, marketers and consumers in the online space there will also be more fraudsters. A partnership between Burst Media and The Media Trust may give marketers some peace of mind when it comes to advertising. >>

Ecommerce archives | September 21, 2010

Buy Anyware streamlines online checkouts

Global e-business platform Plimus has introduced a new platform which should make it simpler for consumers to buy online. Called Buy Anyware, the platform eliminates the need for virtual storefronts as consumers can buy virtual goods directly from social, gaming or other screens. >>