Experian: Impatient youngsters shop in-store

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Recent research by Experian into the shopping preferences of young British consumers found their “want it now” attitude often led them to make purchases in-store.

While they use the Internet to research and compare prices and products, many don’t want to wait for delivery.

Another reason that many younger consumers shop in-store as opposed to online is their often limited access to credit and debit cards.

The research underlines the need for marketers to adopt a cross-channel marketing strategy, said Experian’s Nigel Wilson (via InternetRetailing).

In addition, the research found youngsters aged between 15 and 24 were more likely to respond to direct mail than their parents. They are the demographic group second most responsive to direct mail after those ages 65 and above.

Perhaps they are young enough not to have a negative attitude towards direct mail, or perhaps the promotional mechanics, such as coupons, are desirable due to their ease of use and immediate benefit.



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