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BizReport : July 28, 2010 Archive

July 28, 2010 Archive

Search Marketing | July 28, 2010

Site search key tool in online shopping process

Recent research from Searchandise Commerce and iProspect shows that site search, the search engine located on a retailer's website, is a key element of the online shopping process. >>

Social Marketing | July 28, 2010

360i: Twitter needs more conversation from brands

After a six month look into how consumers and marketers are interacting with Twitter, digital marketing firm 360i says marketers are still missing the Twitter boat. Why? Because consumers are using it to 'talk' with one another while marketers are simply broadcasting information. >>

Blogs & Content archives | July 28, 2010

LocateTV recommends video content to consumers

When it comes to online video, whether user generated or professionally produced, everyone has an opinion. What's great about these opinions is that other people are now actively seeking out content opinions and recommendations, which is where LocateTV's new recommendation service comes in. >>

Ecommerce archives | July 28, 2010

Brands: Site search as important as search engines

No, we're not advising all you ecommerce brands to run out and cancel any paid search campaigns. But a new study from Searchandise Commerce and iProspect indicates that on-site search may be as important as buying keyword campaigns. Researchers found that the ranking within site searches were more meaningful than rankings in search engines. >>

Social Marketing | July 28, 2010

Can Bebo bounce back?

Could Bebo be the answer for teens who are fed up with their parents and grandparents invading their space on Facebook and marketers who want to connect with the younger demographics? The new owners think so. >>

Email Marketing | July 28, 2010

MessageLabs: Beward the shortened URL trap

Shortened URLs may be the simplest way to point social-list members to your deals and coupons, marketers, but beware the ease of use. According to the latest information from Symantec's MessageLabs, shortened URL spam is rising very fast, and that could hamper your efforts as consumers become aware of fraudsters using the shorter links. >>

Social Marketing | July 28, 2010

Social media failure should be embraced not feared

Social media marketing is still in an experimentation phase, with success and failures. Marketers should embrace the failures, as well as the successes, in order to learn what drives the best results and to formulate future campaigns. >>