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BizReport : Social Marketing : June 29, 2010

Study: Moms are 'influenced' or 'influencers', which you should target

When it comes to Mom Marketing there are two distinct camps, one which may hold more promise for brands in the online space. The two categories are the Influencers and the Influenced and - kudos to you for guessing - the Influencers are in the category which marketers should focus upon.

by Kristina Knight

For the report 'influence' is defined on how often moms post or comment in social networks and how big their circle of friends/family within the networks is.

The 2010 Mom Social Influencer report from Babycenter found three sub-categories in the Influencers segment: Field Experts, Lifecasters and Pros. Here is how they break down.

• Field Experts are stay-at-home moms with a focus on parenting. About 8% of social moms are Field Experts, but they influence a full one-third of moms overall. Field Experts primarily focus on offering parenting advice.
• Lifecasters are most likely Millenials with young children who stays connected to friends and family via social networks. Lifecasters are most likely to use Facebook and although they do offer parenting tips, they also offer product recommendations and answer other social questions. Lifecasters also make up 8% of social moms and influence 33% of all moms.
• Pros are the final Influencer sub-category. Pros are likely to operate a blog and use their influence as a profession by offering parenting tips, product reviews and giveaways from their website(s). Pros are only 2% of the overall mom category and influence only about 11% of social networking moms, but if you add in their blog stats those numbers go up. Pro-moms have 89% influence ranking on blogs and a 68% share of influence over Twitter.

"Since 2006, the number of moms using social media has skyrocketed more than 500%. Now is the time for marketers to shift their mindset from social media to social marketing by gaining a better understanding of who the mom influencers are, where they live within social media and how to activate each segment to amplify their messages to a broader target audience," said Tina Sharkey, Chairman and Global President of Babycenter.

The research shows that about one-fifth of social moms influence the rest of the mom-sphere. Other interesting findings include:

• LifeCasters and Field Experts (16% of the mom audience) influence 67% of social moms
• Most moms (91%) socialize via Facebook
• 89% of moms use the Babycenter site to research products/information

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