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BizReport : Trends & Ideas archives : January 11, 2010

What to expect from Web 3.0

2010 may be the year that we stop talking about Web 2.0 - rich media, blogs and social networks - and start preparing for the trends leading us to Web 3.0. To help marketers, publishers and even small businesses get ready for the switch ICON, a web application development business, had identified several trends they believe point to Web 3.0 functionality.

by Kristina Knight

icon.gifMobile applications are expected to be a big part of Web 3.0 as companies build upon games and communication apps and into social apps which allow consumers to locate friends/contacts through their mobiles in their local, physical area.

Dr. Gege Gatt suggests that Web 3.0 will also put cloud computing, or collaboration, firmly into cyberspace. He reasons that more platforms will allow for collaboration which allows consumers to create, share and access slideshows, etc. via clouds.

And let's not forget about social. Gatt believes a group of intermediaries will come along to help consumers - and businesses - keep a better handle on their social networks by filtering and managing social applications.

For businesses in the social space this could be incredibly helpful not only in staying on track but in measuring how brands and consumers are engaging. One part of this is measuring how effective social campaigns are and pushing the envelope to build more recognition. Dr. Dave Chaffey, director and lead consultant with Marketing Insights Limited, notes three factors that marketers need to take into consideration.

First, influencer reach. Marketers need to be aware of how many individual, unique websites which have picked up the campaign by linking, talking about it or re-posting a video/message. By knowing how many direct links have been created marketers can theorize how much reach the campaign is getting.

Second, audience reach. This feeds into the influencer reach. By knowing how many sites have passed on campaign links marketers have a better idea how many consumers (audience members) have been exposed to the message. Knowing where the influencers have posted marketers can measure direct visits from these places.

Finally, brand engagement. How many consumers have been exposed to the ad and how many are building a closer brand relationship - signing up for newsletters, friending on social networks, following on Twitter - because of that message.

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