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BizReport : Research archives : January 15, 2010

Minorities like Internet, don't visit regularly

When it comes to the Internet the majority of working adults and students would say it is indispensible. We use it for work, play, communication, shopping. The list goes on. When it comes to the Hispanic and African-American demographics, most adults agree: the Internet is important. The problem is that only about 40% of these minority groups logon regularly, which means much advertising targeted to them may be missing the mark.

by Kristina Knight

According to a study from Cornell Belcher and Brilliant Corners Research only 42% of African-Americans and Hispanics use the Internet on a regular basis. But most agree that the Internet is crucial in achieving success.

Surprisingly both demographics agree that similar activities have great importance. Staying in touch with family, education, accessing information (news, weather, traffic, maps) and work activities top the list of important online activities. Social networking, downloading music, playing games and watching video/television were low on the list for both demographics.

Why aren't they logging on regularly? Most note connection speeds and cost of service as the two main reasons they aren't online more often. More importantly, though, both demographics are looking for more privacy online. About 25% of the demographics note they don't have computers/Internet capabilities at home.

Although these two demographics may not be logging on regularly, it is clear by their activities online that they are an important demographic for marketers. Education, work and communication are the top three activities for both African-Americans and Hispanics, making email marketing a potential windfall of productivity if the message is correctly targeted.

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