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BizReport : Blogs & Content archives : January 07, 2010

Is your content worth money?

It is no secret that content draws consumers time and again to a website. Whether a personal blog, branded social page or a news content site, consumers are ravenous for good content. The question is what content is able to be monetized and what isn't? A new report from NielsenWire shows the difference between monetizable and un-monetizable content.

by Kristina Knight

First, consumers have been shown a willingness to purchase content, but only content that is new, relevant and unique. That means, in many cases, paying for content on Jane Doe's recipe blog won't yield much dough. But, unique content from the New York Times, posted on their website, is likely to be worth money to the consumer base. This isn't the only distinction, however,

The NielsenWire report finds that consumers are most willing to pay for music content (57%) and movies (57%). Games (51%), Professional/Video (50%) and Magazine (49%) content round out the top five. Are you seeing a trend? Consumers are most likely to pay for content which is professionally produced (by journalist/marketing type writers) whereas user generated content (the majority of blogs) aren't high on the pay-to-play list.

How will consumers pay for content? Some are willing to pay subscription fees but the majority say they are willing to see additional advertising in exchange for content. Publishers are listening and have not instituted subscription fees, but when is advertising too much?

Now you know what types of content are worth money to consumers, but how much advertising can a content site take? That is another question entirely. Although consumers are willing to pay for content or to view ads in exchange for content, they won't return to sites bombarding them with marketing messages. NielsenWire suggests that only 40% of North American consumers and 39% of European consumers are willing to see more advertising on their favorite content sites.

So, publishers, placing ads on-site is a good way to monetize content but placing more ads than are already there could be the death knell of your site. It would seem, from these reports, that it is time for publishers to come up with a subscription strategy.

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