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BizReport : Trends & Ideas archives : January 29, 2010

Does Apple's Tablet/iPad indicate a shift in consumer choices?

Over the past two years the face of technology has changed drastically. First there were the early smartphones, such as BlackBerry, then netbook computers then the iPhone, Amazon's Kindle. This week launched Apple's latest smart device, the iPad - aka the Tablet - which promises even more functionality. Does this latest release indicate a shift in how consumers are connecting and engaging online?

by Kristina Knight

In short, yes. Computer brands would not keep coming up with new devices if there were no demand. SRG research released stats this week that more nearly two-thirds (63%) of the American public 'expressed interest' in the iPad before the launch, 21% of those showed more interest than when Apple launched the iPhone two years ago.

Over average potential iPad buyers are:

• Age 34, without an iPhone or iPod currently but currently using laptops
• Male:Female ratio is an even split
• Interested in mobile video, as most potential users are already streaming television/movies online

What this week's release is really an indicator of, however, is that consumers want news, video, shopping, games and they want them all the time. Consumers don't want to disconnect at home, reconnect at work, disconnect to have lunch and reconnect later on. Consumers now want constant connection in both the mobile and online worlds, which is good news for marketers.

More consumer connectivity means a deeper level of engagement for brands and marketers who are also connected.

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