Internet Marketing 101: Email trends for 2010

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Blaine Mathieu, chief marketing officer with email hub Lyris, insists that email will continue to be a strong force in marketing through the New Year. Here are Mathieu’s top five trends for 2010.

1) “Email will continue to be an anchor for multimedia and online marketing,” said Mathieu. “All indications are that email will continue to grow into 2010. Email is recognized as the highest ROI form of online marketing and it’s measurable. Even though email is the ‘grandfather’, it really is the cornerstone and will remain.

2) Mathieu also expects to see more integration between email and social ad platforms. “As part of the social mix, online marketers will continue to integrate social media with email marketing to ensure that brands, projects and products are cross-marketed and connecting with consumers.

3) More than just social integration, though, Mathieu expects to see integration of most other online ad formats and email through 2010. “It’s always the promise on the horizon,” said Mathieu. “But in 2010 you’re going to see more progress toward truly achieving integrated marketing. Any marketer not using integrated tool sets is doing a disservice to the brand. Entire organizations will be working with social applications to connect with the consumer base.”

4) And forget about online analytics. In 2010 the trend will be to move away from when or where consumers are clicking ads and move toward optimizing programs to keep consumers engaged for longer periods of time. “[Marketers] will begin to know marketing analytics and not just web/online analytics. They will know what happens after the click, how the consumer becomes engaged/disengaged and how they interact with the website as a whole.”

5) “Finally, mobile will be a big trend,” said Mathieu. “It’s been ‘the year of mobile’ for several years but in 2009 we finally saw a mindshift begin. That shift in mindset that mobile was the away-from-office computer will help marketers connect with consumers in a new and different way. [This will] drive mobile campaigns and push mobile-accessible websites.”

Overall, Mathieu expects 2010 to be slightly simpler for marketers as integrated tool suites launch and become more familiar. These suites will make it simpler for a singular campaign message to be heard from email through social and into video and mobile. As for what Mathieu is looking forward to?

“As I said, you have mobile driven by newer devices and you’ve got the tools ready to be used. You have social marketing coming into its own and the analytics tools that are simpler to understand,” he said. “So I’m looking forward to taking advantage of the convergence of all these trends in 2010.”



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