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BizReport : November 4, 2009 Archive

November 4, 2009 Archive

Advertising archives | November 04, 2009

Online radio ad revenues continue to rise

With the continued decline of traditional ad spending, radio stations have had to up the ante online and, according to new online revenue projections from SNL Kagan, their efforts are paying off. >>

Ecommerce archives | November 04, 2009

Five ways to grease the checkout funnel

Online shopping is supposed to be a stressless activity. Consumers enjoy browsing for products and comparing prices from the comfort of home. But, sometimes, that final stretch - actually making a purchase - can turn a relaxing activity into an experience more frustrating than trying to find a parking space. >>

Advertising archives | November 04, 2009

How to butter up "the sandwich generation"

There's a growing section of society in the U.S. today that marketers should be aware of. They are multi-generational caregivers who care for their elderly parents while bringing up their own young family. Because of their situation, "stuck in the middle" as it were, they have been dubbed "the sandwich generation". >>

Blogs & Content archives | November 04, 2009

Three steps to better product descriptions

The key to sales is quality content. Have you heard that somewhere before? Probably, and rightly so. But do you know the difference between quality content and problem content? Chances are you don't. Here are three tips to increasing the quality in product descriptions to drive more traffic and convert more sales. >>

Mobile Marketing | November 04, 2009

Touchscreen mobile adoption skyrockets more than 150%

In the past year, touchscreen mobile devices including the iPhone, have increased adoption rates at a staggering pace. Good news for mobile marketers offering more than simple text offers or coupons, but what about marketers just getting into the market? Is there still room for the touchscreen mobile market to grow? >>