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BizReport : October 20, 2009 Archive

October 20, 2009 Archive

Search Marketing | October 20, 2009

Yahoo says goodbye Search Submit

Get ready for a change, marketers. Yahoo has confirmed that it will end the paid inclusion platform by the end of 2009 in an effort to focus more on display ads, mobile ads and increasing content. Both the Search Submit Basic platform and the Search Submit Pro platform will be scuttled by year's end, meaning marketers need to start thinking of an organic search strategy sooner rather than later. >>

Ecommerce archives | October 20, 2009

Retailers - improve your pick-up strategies for the holiday season

No, this isn't advice for the office Christmas party, instead it's a peek into what retailers are and are not doing to maximize sales via the cross-channel experience they offer to their customers. >>

Mobile Marketing | October 20, 2009

Consumers keen to be kept abreast of deals via mobile

Few mobile users currently receive alerts about specials, deals or sales being offered by their preferred outlets via their devices but, according to a new survey by Harris Interactive and 1020 Placecast, many would be interested in such a service. >>

Mobile Marketing | October 20, 2009

Mobile Internet experiences falling short of expectations

People expect their Internet experiences on mobile to be every bit as satisfying as those on their PC, but that's not what they're getting according to an Equation Research study, commissioned by Internet application experience management company, Gomez. >>

Ecommerce archives | October 20, 2009

Internet Marketing 101: Tips for reducing shopping cart abandonment

You've got a well-designed ecommerce hub. You're keeping up with competitor offerings and specials. You've developed a list of consumers and are monitoring the list to add new members or remove non-responding members. And yet consumers are still abandoning shopping carts or clicking-not-buying. The problem may be a small oversight that is having a big impact. >>

Ecommerce archives | October 20, 2009

Coupon availability beginning to dictate shopper decisions

Most etailers and even offline retailers expected it to happen. Still, the results from the second annual Benchmark Survey on Consumer Coupon Behavior may startle some because of the number of consumers changing their habits. The survey found that nearly 30% of consumers are now deciding where to purchase items based on coupons offered and more than 20% will leave one store for another if the second store offers a coupon. >>