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BizReport : September 24, 2009 Archive

September 24, 2009 Archive

Social Marketing | September 24, 2009

New technology allows marketers to identify and engage online influencers

Do you know who the influencers are in online communities? Are you able to identify and engage those people who could enable your messages to travel far and wide? It's not an easy group to identify, but new technology has been launched that can rank online voices according to how influential they are. >>

Internet | September 24, 2009

Online media outperforms traditional media in customer acquisition

More and more study results point to the increased use of online media compared with traditional due to its measurability and cost-effectiveness. Now, new research from the Fournaise Marketing Group shows that some online channels also outperform traditional media in terms of customer acquisition effectiveness. >>

Ecommerce archives | September 24, 2009

Tokoni platform connect brands, consumers

To connect with today's consumer, marketers and brands need to do more than advertise. Two-way communication is what today's consumer wants and a new platform from community builder Tokoni helps brands to just that. >>

Advertising archives | September 24, 2009

Why you should consider a multi-platform approach

Search marketing produces high click through. Rich media delivers deeper engagement. Social marketing offers communication. When it comes to online marketing there are a plethora of options for reaching consumers, engaging them and creating conversions. But, using only one marketing platform could keep campaign ROI lower than using multiple platforms and pairing different types of advertising. >>

Ecommerce archives | September 24, 2009

Dotomi offers ad sequencing

When it comes to online purchases, its all about the offer. Marketers have known for some time that the right offer is the key to turning an online browser to an online purchaser. The problem, of course, is the offer. Online ad firm Dotomi has one solution: sequencing ads to consumers in the purchase cycle. >>