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BizReport : September 21, 2009 Archive

September 21, 2009 Archive

Trends & Ideas archives | September 21, 2009

Live conferences, exhibitions going virtual

Has attendance of your live conferences or exhibitions been a little slack of late? If so, perhaps you'd attract more visitors if you hosted your event online. Recent surveys show a willingness of marketers to host and attend in virtual venues, especially in tough economic times where budgets must stretch far. >>

Ecommerce archives | September 21, 2009

McAfee: Security cues reassure online window shoppers

Most e-commerce websites experience shopping cart abandonment, but the rate at which it occurs can be very much down to the complexity of the purchase process. Another reason behind shopping cart abandonment is the lack of any trusted security cues, according to a new study from security company McAfee. >>

Search Marketing | September 21, 2009

Report: 95% of clicks fraudulent?

They say that a click is a click, but according to a recent Mpire report, using AdXpose, all clicks aren't equal. Especially clicks generated from run-of-network (RON) online advertising buys. According to the report up to 95% of these clicks and up to 50% of the ad impressions are generated from fraudulent sources. >>

Ecommerce archives | September 21, 2009

McAfee: Two-thirds of shopping cart abandoners return

Sometimes, they come back. Nope, that isn't just a movie term any longer. According to a recent McAfee study, two-thirds (65%) of shoppers who abandon shopping carts return after a day or so. When they return, they complete the purchase. >>

Email Marketing | September 21, 2009

Epsilon: Try email to engage Millenials

When it comes to email marketing, it may behoove marketers to target a new - and younger - demographic. Although for years studies have shown that older Americans, specifically Boomers and the over 65 set, are more receptive to email marketing. This new study shows that Millenials, those between 18 and 25 years of age, may be a good target, too. >>