NRF: Back to school blues?

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On average, families with children in primary and secondary school (grades K – 12) will spend about $548 each, a decline of nearly 8% versus 2008 spending. The total primary and secondary school spend is expected to reach just over $17.4 billion this year; the spend including college spending is expected to reach more than $47 billion. The decreased spend this year is blamed on the faltering economy.

“The economy has clearly changed the spending habits of American families, which will likely create a difficult back-to-school season for retailers,” said Tracy Mullin, President and CEO of NRF. “As people focus primarily on price, strong promotions and deep discounts will ultimately win over back-to-school shoppers this year.”

Here are a few highlights from the report:
• Secondary/Primary school shoppers will spend $204 on clothing, $93.49 on shoes and $82 on school supplies
• 75% of families will shop discount stores, will use coupons or search for the best prices to make their cash last
• College shoppers will spend $118 on clothing, $57.85 on shoes, $34 on ‘college gear’, $80 on dorm/apartment furniture, $266 on electronics
• 22% of shoppers are expected to shop online and nearly one-third (32%) will shop two weeks prior to school starting

Electronics is the sole back-to-school shopping category not expected to see a decline in spending. Laptop/desktop computers, printers, iPods and handheld games are expected to fly off shelves as students return to school in the fall. Last year students spend $151 on electronics items; this year they are expected to spend nearly $168.



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