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BizReport : Advertising archives : July 09, 2009

Report: Retargeted ads bring consumers back on-site

If you're looking for more conversions, consider re-engaging consumers who have abandoned their shopping carts and/or left your site after following an ad link. According to ad retargeter Fetchback, almost 50% of consumers return to a website within an hour after being served a retargeted ad.

by Kristina Knight

fetchback.jpgAccording to the report more than 42% of consumers in the retail category return to a site after being served a retargeted ad. For housewares shoppers, the return rate is nearly 70%. Now, after about 12 hours, the percentages slide dramatically (less than 10%), so it would seem that the sooner the consumers is retargeted the better. One note, though, after a 24 hour wait, return conversions jump back up to 21%. Confused? It just means that as a marketer you must be diligent about how and when consumers are served retargeted ads so that you get the most bang for your buck.

"Before these reports were introduced, Advertisers relied on network reporting, which provides basic retargeting facts such as the number of impressions served and the campaign click through rate. This information isn't enough to understand the true impact of retargeting campaigns. Marketers need to be able to understand what impact retargeting has on their lost prospects," said Chad Little, CEO of Fetchback.

Fetchback has also found that sequencing the retargeted ads is a better way to re-engage the consumer than the shot-in-the-dark approach. When showing retargeted offers in sequence, consumers were more likely to convert than when they were shown random retargeted offers with now sequence.

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