QVC study suggests optimal product video length

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A recent Internet Retailer survey discovered that 43.3% of online merchants will update their e-commerce sites with product video this year, driven by reported hikes in conversion rates and effectiveness both on- and off-site. That’s more than those who intend to add advanced features such as product reviews or alternative payment options.

But is there an optimal length for a product video? According to a new study by Dusseldorf University/QVC Germany, there is. It seems shorter video clips are more likely to hold a viewer’s attention for the duration, but anything longer than around 1 minute 30 seconds and attention spans begin to wane. In their study, attention dropped off significantly after around 48% of a 6 minute product video had been watched.

The study also found that using images to promote video links was preferable to text.

“By the test results we can align our website still better to the preferences of our customers,” said Dr. Olga Rabrenovic, senior e-commerce manager at QVC Germany. “The QVC teleshopping program is broadcast country-wide, live, 24 hours a day. Therefore the integration of video in our on-line shop is a central competitive advantage for us.”



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