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BizReport : Search Marketing : May 12, 2009

Netbase launches semantic search platform

Basing a search campaign on more than keywords could spell the difference between average and top performing. A new platform from Netbase could help health advertisers better engage consumers because it bases search query results on the semantics of a sentence rather than simple keywords.

by Kristina Knight

Netbase's Content Intelligence reads online content for meaning rather than simply tagging certain words or phrases, giving consumers more bang for their buck when they search - and doing the same for marketers.

For example, a consumer searching for the health benefits of potassium would receive medical information rather than information on a banana farm. Netbase would use linguistic clues such as 'found in' or 'reduce risk for' to give the consumer a more pointed look at the health benefits of potassium. Query results would include drugs for hypertension and other diseases which can be combated by a healthy lifestyle as well as the causes of that disease.

Although deployed at this time with a health focus, this type of semantic platform has the potential to impact marketers from all online sectors. Because the platform reads the Web rather than depending on single keywords or phrases, consumers will get a more balanced query result and marketers will receive a more engaged consumer.

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