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BizReport : May 21, 2009 Archive

May 21, 2009 Archive

Mobile Marketing | May 21, 2009

Mobile marketers engage with 2D barcodes

We're hearing more and more about the use of mobile phones in-store, allowing marketers to reach consumers while they're making purchasing decisions by providing access to reviews or special promotions. Now, with the rise in use of camera-enabled mobile phones, 2D barcodes are making headway with marketers. >>

Email Marketing | May 21, 2009

Study: Nav bars in email drive clicks

According to new research from Smith-Harmon, navigation bars in email communications are a key driver of clicks, sometimes more so than the email content itself. >>

Social Marketing | May 21, 2009

Is social media failing as a marketing medium?

Research findings from Knowledge Networks has put the cat among the social media pigeons and set the blogosphere buzzing with debate about the role of social media in advertising and marketing. >>