comScore: Online video increases 13%

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Google sites, including YouTube, continue to draw in the most consumers with more than 5.9 billion videos served, a 41% market share. Just how dominant are Google sites? Fox Interactive Media ranked a distant second by serving 4.4 million videos, a 3% market share. Rounding out the top five were Yahoo Sites (3.3 million videos, 2.3% share), Viacom Digital (2.9 million videos, 2% share) and Microsoft Sites (2.47 million videos, 1.7% share).

Other interesting findings include:

• Just over three-quarters of Americans watched an online video clip in December 2008
• More than 300 minutes of video were watched, on average, per viewer
• The average video clip continues to be short, coming in at around 3.2 minutes in length
• viewers seem to watch longer clips; the average clip time for Hulu is just over 10 minutes, not surprising since the site has begun releasing full-length episodes of Primetime and Daytime television shows



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