Cox Cross Media to provide online ad sales for ABC

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ccm.jpgCXM is now beginning the install of desktop databases which will allow advertising agencies to access the inventories of different websites by geographic location.

“People are trying to make their local dollars go as far as they can,” said Steve Shaw, Senior Vice President at CXM. “This will allow both of us to expose our audiences to new markets.”

CXM launched in 2007 as a way for marketers and agencies to bridge the gaps between television, online and mobile platforms. In addition to banner ads the platform offers interactive display and online video formats. More than 700 local media websites are represented by CXM.

This is a big step for local marketers, too, because they now have a place to begin their cross-platform campaigns. Although there is a lot of hype about online local advertising there is still a need for offline/traditional ad campaigns. By integrating online and offline messages, marketers have a better chance at appealing to the broader local audience. Sending consumers from a television ad to an online address or giving them a mobile coupon for visiting a social micro-site is a good way to engage consumers as they make their way through their day.



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